History of Poker

Poker is closely related with a Persian game called as nas. There is no written description about poker until 1890. In 1937, Foster wrote the first description about poker. Foster pointed out that poker is first introduced in the United States. During the gameplay, the player is assigned with 5 cards. The standard number of cards in the pack for is 21.  In 1990, David Parlett suggested that Poker is derived from David Parlett.

Some people claim that poker is derived from German game called poque. The poker is very similar to poker. Before poker came into existence, poque was played in France. Many researchers suggest that online poker comes from an Irish game called poca. In the German language, pochen means bluffing. The term indicates that poker is a game in which its players like to cheat against each other. Despite that, there is no evidence to corroborate that the term poker is derived from the poque. It is associated with primero, a renaissance game and brelan. The term brelan is a french word that means bragging. There is a high chance that the games mentioned here influence the development of the name of poker.

Poker is played in a variety of forms. Most poker games use 52 games. For two players, the 20 card poker is used. Poker was initially developed to be used as a commercial gambling. Poker was already played by the Americans since 1829. During that time, the poker game involves 20 cards and 4 players. Later, the game became well known throughout the Mississippi River. The 52 card English poker becomes the most common type of poker. In the American Civil War, many types of poker are introducing including stud poker, and straight poker.  In 1875, the wild card poker game was introduced. In 1900, the lowball and split pot poker game are invented. In 1925, the community card poker was wide spread among the public.


How to win online casino

First thing is how to know that a casino is worth to play in. This is a crucial point when deciding where to play and we do know that this is also what you may wonder. If you have saw all those long lists of casinos in the search results, well, it’s comprehensible if now you are thinking that getting a good casino is as hard as finding a nail into the sand! But no worry, because there are a few point s that can show you whether a casino is good or not. One of these points is that a good casino is always associated with larger corporation in the gambling field (you can verify this looking at the main page or home page of the website of the casino), international companies and other industry names in the gambling world.

Once you checked out this point, you may also check if the casino offers a cryptographic software for the security of all players’ data. It has to be the same software that all banks use. It can guarantee a 100% safety on all the financial info that each single player enter in his / her account on the casino.

There are also other points to see. One of these is that the more sophisticated and new is the game design the better is the level of that casino: this is an esthetical element that speaks itself about the casino tenor. Besides, the more free bonuses and special rewards a casino can give its users the richer and exhaustive is the game experience on that casino. Actually, today every single casino wants to give its users only the best and the newest patterns for their games.


How Poker did Gets Its Name?

Poker consists of a card games that have somewhat similar rules. Each type of poker has different card handling. The game was first discovered by Jonathan H. Green. Jonathan H. Green is also responsible for naming the card game as poker. Jonathan name is poker to refer it as cheating game. The idea came across Jonathan’s mind when it was played on the Mississippi boat. According to Jonathan, poker is to be played by 2 – 4 people. Jonathan set a rule that there must be at least 20 cards. The cards should include aces, kings, and queens.

Many researches were conducted to find out the origin of the term poker. They want to see if there is any similar game called poker. The researchers finally came across a game called poque. Poque is a german game that is played by the french people. When playing poque, the players will implement as much trickery as possible to win the game. Some people suggest that poker comes from a Hindu word called pukka.

Actually, the term poker has close link with the act of pick pocketing. Pokers are always played by thieves and pickpockets in the past. During the gameplay, they often like to cheat their unsuspecting rival. The r is added so that it will sound as the gangster slang.

During the Wild West period, the poker game is very widespread. Wild Bill Hickok is gun slingers who have invented the dead man’s hand poker game. Will broke the cardinal rules of game and was shot at the back of his head. When his body slumped down, the card on his hand revealed two As and two 8s. Doc Holliday is featured as a gangster who is deft in playing poker. Doc Holliday used to be a dentist in the past but he became a criminal later.

blackjack online player

How to Become a Good Blackjack Player

Unlike other casino card games where players play against each other, in blackjack, all players play against the dealer.  All strategies are geared towards the dealer and to beat him or her is every player´s wish.  Blackjack’s objective is to have cards that would have a sum of 21 or lesser, but not over 21.  It is composed of many rules and you really have to study them for you to have better chances of winning.  Blackjack can be played in many ways;  this includes spanish 21,  samsung blackjack, triple 7′s Blackjack and many more, but the standard blackjack remains to be the most popular online and in casinos.

If you want to have an impressive winning record in blackjack, you’ve got to have a strategy and if you find it effective, embrace it for as long as it’s letting you win.  Some use the card counting strategy while others prefer the roulette system.  The card counting strategy was so effective before the multiple card decks were implemented.  This strategy can only be used when you’re playing with a single deck, which is usually played among family and friends just for fun.  Most casinos have stopped using the single deck.  They already make use of automatic shufflers and work on multiple card games to prevented players from card counting.

If card counting is the only strategy you’ve got, you will just lose hard in every game.  One strategy that you can adopt and is proven to be effective is the strategy chart of blackjack that is also composed of a winning system.  There are seas of people who want to learn how to play blackjack.  Apart from learning the card game, they also want to know how to win outsmart the dealer.

Determined enough to win in blackjack, you must let go of your card counting strategy for it will not let you win.  Try to pick out another strategy, study it, and if you think it is effective, apply it in each game that you play.  With this, you will be able to rake big amounts of money – others might even think that you’re cheating, but actually you are not.  If you keep winning in casinos, expect that you’ll be monitored and you may even be invited for questioning.

In blackjack, luck only consists to 5% of your winning chances – the other 95% will have to be your strategies.  So if you want to beat the dealer and the casino, you should be able to pick out a good and lasting strategy.